Shipping Hazardous Materials
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Managing Hazardous Material Shipping


It is important for businesses to run efficiently and compliantly, especially when dealing with restricted or hazardous material. Universities are the same. Universities all over the country are shipping important research material and one university could have several principal investigators shipping hazardous materials. It is important for universities to have a system that guarantees the researchers are shipping compliantly because failing to comply can result in heavy fines and civil penalties.


Yale, classified a R1 university (highest research activity) by the Carnegie Classification of Institution of Higher Education, had to deal with the challenge of monitoring and managing their university shipping. They ship about 40,000 packages a year throughout the world. About 4,000 of those packages contain regulated research materials. They had little to no insight on what was being shipped from their university on a daily basis. They had a problem.


The university wanted a way to improve compliance for shipping hazardous materials and having the assurance that the authorized shippers are properly trained. They also needed a solution that integrated with their university systems so they could track shipping expenditures. They wanted a green web-based system that would allow them to manage all their carriers, track shipments and other shipping reports. This is where eShipGlobal’s eShipLab solution was able to help.


By using eShipLab, Yale was able to improve regulatory compliance with governing entities like the FAA, IATA, DOT, etc. The restricted party screening evaluations also ensured that the packages were compliant with export regulations. The system also helped to ensure that regulated materials were properly packaged, classified, marked and labeled by certified shippers.


eShipLab is a centralized web-based solution. University administrators can review shipments by material with the “in-a-glance” dashboard reporting. Because it is a web-base solution it reduces paperwork through electronic documentation. Yale was also able to save money by having the ability to ship using most carriers and see a route cost comparison during the shipping process.


Other great features eShipLab has is a configurable approval workflow, training verification, the ability to forward shipment information to airlines and shipping carriers, auditing/cost reconciliation and more. It is a customizable solution, allowing you to add-on great packages like: Export Control Compliance, Inbound Shipping and Supply Chain Analysis.


Yale was able to reduce their shipping risk by using eShipLab. They now have an easier way to manage the thousands of shipments the university makes every year. It is simple and automated.


Are you in the need for a hazardous material compliance solution? Do not take the risk. Civil penalties for violating compliance laws can range from in the thousands to in the hundreds of thousands. Why take the risk when there is a simple solution that can help? Stay safe and compliant with eShipLab.



By Ashleigh Cue

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