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Finding a College Organization to Join

College is an exciting time in many people’s lives. It is a time of learning, discovery, growth and independence. College is also accompanied with numerous changes: more independence, living in a completely new city and being away from friends and family.


Meet New Friends

One of the best ways to meet new friends, find a new support system and grow while in college is to be a part of a college organization. There are MANY different organizations that can be found on campus: fraternities, sororities, clubs, interest-groups, associations, etc. Not only can these organizations help you while in college, they can also help you outside of college.



Being a part of an organization always looks good on a resume. Not to mention, these organizations often maintain contact with previous members who you can network with. Networking with current and previous members can help you find jobs, internships or get references. This will greatly help you find a job after graduating.


Great for International Students

If you are an international student, there are probably organizations and clubs for international students and students from your home country. Connecting with people from your home country may help you feel more comfortable while you are living in the US. They will also be able to provide support on how to adjust to live in the US and on campus. They went through the same challenges and difficulties you did and would be a great support to you.


Finding an Organization

Many universities have a listing of their college student organizations, however, some only are viewable to students with a student ID. So how can incoming college students, especially international students, connect with clubs and organizations on campus and vice versa? That is where UEMSConnect can help.


Online Community

UEMSConnect is an online community that aims to connect incoming international students (domestic college students are welcome too!) with clubs, organizations, alumni and advisors from universities they are looking at attending. Using the groups and group forums, incoming college students and current college students can communicate, share stories or show off their college.


Clubs and organizations can either create a group specifically for their club and/or they can create a forum board under their university’s group forum. They can chat, private message, share pictures and more all on one community.


Being a college student can be difficult and adventurous at the same time. It is a time to spread your wings and learn. So, don’t graduate college with regrets. Join an organization, get connected, share your stories and have fun!


By Ashleigh Cue

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