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Helping to Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping is typically not a fun thing to do. We all greatly enjoy receiving packages, but not necessarily the mailing of them. However, shipping is still important, even in our digital dominated society. There are many things that cannot be digitally transmitted and must be shipped, such as OPT applications and I-20 documents.


Shipping, especially expedited, can often be a bit more costly than ground mailing. However, the speed and security it offers is significantly better. Unfortunately, the cost for shipping in general will be increasing in 2018 as shipping carriers, like UPS, FedEx and DHL, will be increasing their shipping rates.


At eShipGlobal, we believe in making shipping easier by simplifying the process and mitigating the amount of money spent on shipping. We don’t believe shipping should be difficult, which is why we offer shipping solutions that help lower shipping spend across various industries, such as business and higher education.


We also strive to help both incoming international students and international students currently studying in the US by offering discounted shipping rates, carrier rate shopping, and will soon be offering a-la-cart shipping fees. This allows us to lower shipping rates for international students looking to ship important, time-sensitive documents like Optional Practical Training (OPT) Applications, also called the I-765 form.


Shipping is one way that connects people together. It empowers global and cultural exchange to build a global community. Which is why we strive to make it easier for individuals, businesses and other entities to ship their important documents and packages.


Businesses and universities, if you are looking for a way to lower your shipping spend in 2018, we have several solutions that can benefit you. International students can save money on shipping through our UEMS (University Express Mail Service) or eShipNOW solutions.


Let us help you save money on you shipping.


“Because we are a globally connected village, we need to remember that our choices are not isolated. They have a powerful ripple effect, and that ripple is global.” –  Linda Fisher Thornton




By Ashleigh Cue


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