UEMS can help small colleges
Nov 27 2017 0

How Small Colleges Can Benefit From UEMS

International students are a big source of income for many US universities, large and small. This is why universities across the US are actively trying to recruit international students. The process to bring in international students can be long and costly, especially for smaller universities and colleges. They often are understaffed and have a smaller operating budget than larger universities.


One area that universities have challenges with is shipping the I-20 documents to the incoming international students. Usually it means gathering shipping information, filling out a shipping label, and printing the label for each incoming student. Also, the university must either pay the shipping cost, which smaller colleges may not have the budget for, or collect payment information from the students. For understaffed universities, this is very time consuming.


Luckily there is a solution that simplifies the process, saving the universities and the students time and money. UEMS, University Express Mail Service, has been used by large universities throughout the US (Yale, Carnegie, Columbia, and more). However, it is extremely beneficial to smaller universities as well.


UEMS is completely free to use. There is no monthly cost and no subscription fee for either the university or the student. It is an online solution that allows students to pay for the shipping label to ship the I-20 document. Students input their own information, which improves accuracy. All the university staff needs to do is print the labels, which can be done in bulk, and mail them off.


In addition, students save with discounted shipping rates. They can also choose which carrier available to them that they want to ship through and how fast they want the shipment.


So whether you are a large university or a small community college, UEMS can help you ship important documents to students all over the world. It will help improve efficiency giving you more time to focus on other important matters.  


If you are interested in signing up for UEMS, you can register your university or department at https://study.eshipglobal.com/uregister/. You can also learn more about UEMS and all the benefits it can provide to both universities and students on the UEMS website.



By Ashleigh Cue

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