Thanksgiving in the Office
Nov 22 2017 0

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the Office

In business we tend to emphasize customer relations and appreciation. We recognize that without them our business would – well – have no business. However, there is another important part of business that can often get overlooked: employees.


Without the work and expertise of employees, businesses could not grow. Which is why it is important to recognize and appreciate all the hard work employees do throughout the year. Having a Thanksgiving office celebration is a great way and time to let your employees know that they are appreciated. Here are a few great ways to celebrate Thanksgiving at the office.


Have a Thanksgiving lunch
Set a time during the month of November to schedule a Thanksgiving lunch for all your employees and have food catered in. Make sure to give plenty of time for people to eat, chat and for a nice toast.


Have Fun with a Thanksgiving Potluck
If you are on a tight budget or do not have the manpower to plan a catered lunch, then plan a potluck lunch. Get everyone to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish, give out prizes or have fun games. Just don’t forget the turkey!


Exchange Thank You Cards/Notes
Encourage employees to write notes of thank yous to fellow employees. Gather them in jars and pass them out or have a Thank You board where they can pin their notes. You can even make it a board where they can post whatever they are thankful for.


A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and give back to the community would be to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or charity organization. Call around and see if any organization needs extra volunteers. Or you can encourage employees to bring in canned food to be donated to help feed the needy on Thanksgiving.


There are many ways businesses can celebrate Thanksgiving together. Not only can it demonstrate your appreciation to your employees, it can also help strengthen relationships and communication between departments and employees. Just remember to let them know that you appreciate all the hard work they have been doing!



By Ashleigh Cue

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