5 great books for entrepreneurs, startups and marketers
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5 Great Books for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Marketers

There are so many books out there that business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs should read. They all offer great insight into strategy, innovation, business, marketing, etc. It can be difficult to decide what books to start with first. Here are 5 great book that every entrepreneur, business professionals and marketers should read.


Trust Agents:

Learn how to build brand influence and reputation while earning trust from people all online. Social networks are powerful. With this book you will learn how to grow your brand, build influence/trust and increase your business profits profit using social media.


Letting Go of the Words:

If you are starting a business or are in the marketing field, you probably understand how important content is to SEO and business growth. Letting Go of the Words is a book that helps people write content for the internet that works. It covers a wide range of topics like, content strategy, SEO, social media and even some web design.


Made to Stick:

This New York Bestseller talks about why some ideas take off and others fail. Entrepreneurs and startups have great ideas that they want to see thrive and become successful. This book helps improve your ideas chances at sticking and thriving.


The New Rules of Marketing and PR:

Marketing and PR have changed drastically with the dawn of the digital age. This book aims to provide insight on how to get your message to your audience through means like social media, video, blogs, news releases and viral marketing. Learn how to reach your audience without paying the cost of traditional advertising.


The Innovator’s Dilemma:

This book on innovation has been referenced by many great thought leaders, like Steve Jobs. Without innovation, even the most outstanding companies can still lose market leadership. Know when and how to push aside traditional business practices when pushing products.


Have fun reading!


By Ashleigh Cue

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