3 Business Mistakes
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3 Mistakes Companies Make That Hurts Their Business

Every company and business leader wants to have a successful business. They work hard to attract customers and develop products. They pour money into products, marketing, advertising and public relations. Unfortunately, some businesses focus too much on grabbing customers that they neglect other areas. Here are three mistakes businesses can make that will hinder their success.


1. Poor Customer Relations

Customers are crucial to a business, which is why having a good relationship is essential. This includes providing great customer support and listening to customer feedback. Many companies have been negatively affected by bad customer service. The best marketing is word-of-mouth, but if what is being said is not positive it will make it very difficult to gain new customers. To make matters worse, an unhappy customer will share their views to more people than a happy one.


2. Inconsistency

People like stability and dependability when it comes to businesses, products and services. Products and businesses that are inconsistent with their practice, appearance, quality or support have a negative impact on customer experience; which can often lead to poor customer relations. Poor service or products, even with a great customer support team can detract customers from using your service or purchasing your product ever again.


Inconsistency in business appearance may not be quite as damaging but it does have an impact. Consistency in business brand makes a company look professional and provides a feeling of stability. An inconsistent brand does not.


  3. Poor Leadership

Leaders are responsible for their employees and their department/team’s productivity. A poor leader often results in poor financial results, lower productivity, lower morale and collaboration, and increases turnover rates. Poor leaders can be micromanagers, lack communication skills, have unclear expectations, have to high of standards, and do not listen to employees. They create a negative environment that stifles innovation/creativity and hinders productivity. A great leader listens and communicates clearly. They focus on supporting their employees and not pushing them.


If a business base is not strong, the company will not be successful. A strong base comes from happy customers, a clear business plan/identity and through great leadership. If one of these three is not strong, it can affect the other two. How strong is your company’s base?


By Ashleigh Cue

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