Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise Solution is a modular shipping management software which resides at the core of all our product offerings. It powers services such as… University Shipping Services - Domestic and International shipping of small parcel - Rate shopping comparisons of carrier service costs - Billing consolidation - Auditing Invoicing - Tracking of shipped items


eShipGlobal offers Universities a fast, secure and reliable web-based shipping software that enables small parcel as well as document shipping. Our solution provides shipment tracking, single invoicing for all carriers’ shipments, rate shopping and seamless no hassle billing.


eShipNOW is a personal shipping solution for university students, staff, and alumni that can be utilized from the convenience of your home. This web-based system allows users to create, pay for, and print the airway bill for small parcel shipments, and even schedule a pickup. This product is currently in the beta program phase and will be released later this summer. If you’d like to participate in the beta program, simply follow the link below, sign up and start shipping.

Beyond Borders

Our upcoming Beyond Borders product connects directly to order management systems, and shopping cart services, in order to provide customers with easy to use rate shopping options between carrier services and ensure saving on shipments.

Export Control

As organizations grow, the need to ship items internationally becomes more important. Export control & compliance laws can be daunting. Using our Enterprise solution with Export Control, you can take the complexity out of international shipping. It handles all the requirements to ship items internationally, whether it is a hazardous material or not.


Created exclusively for research institutions shipping hazardous materials and dangerous goods, our innovative system was built in collaboration with the top research institutions in the U.S. eShipLab is simple, accurate and easy to use.