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Social Community for International Students (and College Students)

Studying in the US

It can be a scary and exciting adventure when you decide to leave your home country to live and study in the US. This transition is often filled with uncertainty and questions; questions like: how can I easily acclimate to the US, where will I live and will I experience culture shock. Even after moving to the US, you will probably still have questions.


Knowledge is key

There is a saying: knowledge is key. The same saying is true with studying abroad. The more you know and the more you expect, the easier your transition will be. Having resources to help guide you through the process, tips on how to live in the US and a directory of companies that help international students studying in the US, will help answer questions and ease the uncertainty.


Resources Available

Providing resources and connections for international students is the primary goal for UEMSConnect, an online community. UEMSConnect is an eShipGlobal initiative to help international students, advisors and other university staff or students connect. It serves as a library of knowledge. International students have access to resources like, blogs, infographics, videos and services aimed to help them live and learn in the US.


The Online Community

As mentioned before, UEMSConnect is an online community. It is a social platform designed to connect international students, international student advisors, and college students. One of the best ways to deal with the uncertainty is to be connected to advisors and students from the university you are looking at attending.


Making Connections

Through the community international students will be able to talk to other international students, advisors, or US college students via online chat, group boards and private messaging. This is a great way to learn about the school from the people actually attending. International students coming into or already studying in the the US can (and are encouraged to) share tips, advice events and stories. What better way to learn about the challenges you may face when living and studying in the US then from student who made the same journey.


Connect Offline Too

The connections made on UEMSConnect transcend the digital world. Once you enter the US you can connect with the students, clubs, organizations and advisors you talked to in the community groups. These organizations, clubs and advisors hopefully where using their ability to list events on the calendar, so you may even know about what events will be taking place during your first few weeks on campus.


Join Today!

Whether you are a incoming international student, a current international student, an advisor or a college student, UEMSConnect is a community designed to help you succeed when studying in US Universities. Sign-up is quick and easy. We hope to see you there!


By Ashleigh Cue

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