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Is Your Small Business Collaborative?

Small businesses are just that – small. They usually have a small staff size and probably a small budget to operate on. They are focused on growth and productivity. That is why it is so important for small businesses to have a collaborative work culture. Here are some important reasons why you should be collaborative.


1. Area of Expertise

Collaboration allows employees to utilize their areas of expertise. This is great for small teams since someone’s weakness might be another’s strength. This also provides a chance to look at a problem, product or issue using multiple different perspectives. You can approach the problem from multiple angles in order to get the best solution.


2. Better Communication

When teams and employees collaborate with each other they build and develop better communications skill between them. Better communication means that it will be easier to share ideas and/or updates with other teams or other employees. Communication is important to any business. It reduces delays, improves work/management environment and it helps build trust with the company.


3. Community

A collaborative and communicative work culture creates a strong bond between employees and the company. Employees develop closer relations to each other and to the company, which helps to increase productivity and lower turnover rates. It also attracts the more tech-savvy generation, the millennials. They enjoy sharing their ideas and refining them with other people.


Collaboration have many other great benefits for small businesses. However, collaboration is only as good as the teams that are collaborating. The key to good collaborative teams is diversity and an open mind. It is also important to foster individual thoughts and ideas. Innovative individual thoughts can lead to great things when combined with collaboration. A good team with innovative ideas that collaborates and communicates is key when growing a small business.


By Ashleigh Cue

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