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Let Your Loved One Know How Much You Care

Valentine’s day is a day for letting your loved ones know how much you care. It doesn’t matter how far away, the tokens of affection that are sent carry a great meaning: you are important to me. It is no wonder why this is the second largest card-sending holiday, followed only by Christmas. So how can you let the person you love know how much you love them?


The typical thing most people send is a card. However, if you really want them to know you care, send them a little something extra. Chocolates are a great Valentine’s day go-to gift. Stores all over will be carrying chocolates in beautifully wrapped heart-shaped packages. However, nothing says “I love you” more than homemade chocolates. There are several great recipes you can find on the internet and many are not that complicated.  


Flowers are another great gift idea. Roses are the staple flower for the holiday, but there are many great flowers that have the meaning of love. Carnations, for example, depending on the color, can mean “my heart aches for you” and “wish I could be with you.” Orchids and tulips also can represent love.


If you want to go even bigger, gifts are another great choice to send. Personal gifts, gifts you chose, can show the receiver how much you know them. A well-chosen gift can bring smile and tears to their eyes. Handmade gifts can allow you to add touches of your personality and or the receiver’s personality. Personal or handmade gifts can also symbolize or represent of a memory you share. This personal touch will only make the gift that much more special and meaningful.


Unfortunately, for many of us we have loved ones that are fairly far away; perhaps it is a mom out-of-state, a child off at college, or a husband currently somewhere else. Just because they are far away does not mean we can not send them our love. There are many ways to ship items and/or letters to them.


If you are wanting to send them a small package, eShipNOW is a personal shipping tool that can help you save money on your shipment. You can compare carrier rates and ship at discounted prices. The best part is that the tool is completely free, no downloading required. The only thing you pay for is the shipping.


Imagine the smile on their face when they receive the Valentine’s day gift you sent containing the tokens of affection you thought would express your love. Nothing can beat that loving feeling.



By: Ashleigh Cue

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