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Why Experiences Are Meant to be Social

“Your life is a book; make it a bestseller.” – Shanon Grey


Life can be described as many things: a journey, a story, an adventure, or an ongoing series of experiences. Whatever your definition may be, life is full of moments that turn into memories. Some of the memories are great and others are not-so-great. Either way, these moments helped us become who we are today. The great part about life and memories is that they can be shared and with the Internet, you can share them with the world.


“Things don’t really impress me. Memories impress me. It’s not the toys, it’s the people.” –  R. A. Salvatore


Did you know that sharing your experiences are important? In fact, sharing experiences with people, even strangers makes the experience more intense and memorable. In addition, your experiences can help other people since they can learn from you. Our world is filled with hidden knowledge that is hard to learn unless you hear about it from someone else or experience it for yourself. The knowledge can be something small, like knowing the best place to study on campus, or it can be something far more important.


“Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.” – Gina Greenlee


We learn from the stories of others. Professors share their stories of the workforce, so their students can learn what they had to experience. Parents share stories of the ill-spent times of their youth, hoping their children will not make the same mistakes. Friends give each other advice based on their experiences or what they have learned secondhand from other people.


“Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life.” –  Lailah Gifty Akita


The sharing of experiences and memories is important. So, how can you share your stories of college and this amazing time in your life? It is simple, use the hashtag #UEMSConnect. UEMS Connect is a multi-platform social community that connects students and universities by building memories through shared experiences. You can find UEMS Connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, SnapChat or through the newsletter!


“When we establish human connections within the context of shared experience we create community wherever we go.” – Gina Greenlee


UEMS Connect gathers video, pictures and messages from students in US universities and shares them on its social channels and in the newsletter. To make things more interesting, UEMS Connect has contests (with prizes) that encourage students to go out and create memories.


Experience is the teacher of all things.” –  Julius Caesar


Share your experiences with other students and international students from all around the world. By simply telling your story online, you can give advice to other students, share your school culture with potential students and provide international students a glimpse into the US university lifestyle. Make your college memories even more memorable by socially sharing and creating memories.


“I don’t know what you’re going through life doing if you’re not really trying to collect some really great memories.” – Channing Tatum



By: Ashleigh Cue

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