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Apr 19 2017 0

What Does Summer Mean To You?


Summer. This usually is associated with summer break, a time of no school and hardly any responsibilities. However, this “free time” is a great time to do new things or give back. Why waste your summer lazing about a house? It is the perfect time to get out there and be productive! There are many ways you can be productive during the summer, so let us start with our top three ideas.


  1. Try out a new hobby that can earn you some extra cash

There are many great hobbies out there that can let you earn a little extra cash. For instance, making jewelry. One teen managed to $100,000 dollars over the course of three years by selling jewelry on Etsy. Not interested in jewelry? There are loads of other crafts that you can try, like painting or woodwork.


  1. Help those who really need it by donating or volunteering

Volunteering or donating not only helps other people, but it helps you as well. Not only do you feel great when helping out other people, but it looks good on a resume or college application. Don’t have a lot of time to volunteer at a soup kitchen? Try gathering items from neighbors, friends or local thrift shops to donate to causes like Carry The Future. If you plan on creating and selling items online for extra money, you can also include flyers to Give Back Box to encourage your customers to give back as well.


  1. Explore and adventure

How often have you traveled? Whether it be the seas or across the nation, traveling lets you experience and learn new things. Fly, take a road trip, or if you want to be a little different you can hop on a train. No matter where you will go you will broaden your horizons and grow as an individual. Just remember to send souvenirs back home to friends and family!


Want a productive summer?

So, what one are you going to do? Will you create unique items to sell online, donate to charities, or go on an adventure? Well, whatever you decide to do, whether you do just one or all three, you will have an amazing and productive summer.


Don’t Forget

While you are busy being productive this summer and perhaps earning a little cash, you may find that you need to ship something somewhere, like a product to a customer or an item to a charity. We want to help you save money when shipping items. eShipNOW is free to sign-up and will give you access to discounted shipping rates from top carriers. After all, if one of your goals this summer is to make/save money, this is just one way we can help you.


Have a GREAT summer!


By: Ashleigh Cue

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