Tips for College Students
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Tips to Help You Succeed In College

The start of the new semester is just around the corner. The summer is nearly over and many classes will begin again starting next month. This is an exciting time for all the incoming freshmen. They are now college students. College is different than high school. Many professors won’t remind you when something is due. Your parents won’t get notified of any bad grades. You are in complete control of your education, including whether you succeed or not. To help you navigate the college lifestyle, here are some tips to help you succeed.


Take Your Classes Seriously

Some students come to class just because of attendance and do not even try to learn anything. Some sit in the back playing on their laptops or some just skip class entirely. You are spending a lot of money on your education. If you are not going to learn, why spend the money?


Keep A Copy of Your Syllabus

The syllabus contains a lot of important information like: when assignments are due, information about big projects, grading policies, and professor contact information. Having a copy of the syllabus on hand is always a good thing. For instance, when your professor thinks an assignment is due that week, but is actually in the syllabus as the week after.


Sit Close To The Front

Sitting up close will keep your attention on the lecture and less on the students next to you. When you sit up front, you also indicate to the professor that you are listening. Some professors associate the students who sit in the back as the ones not paying attention in class.


Take Notes

The act of taking notes can actually aid in remembering the class material. They also are great to have when studying for an upcoming exam or later as references for future classes.


Talk To Your Professor

There is a saying “If your professor does not know who you are, you are probably failing the class.” That is not completely true, but knowing your professor does help you succeed in a class. By talking to the professor you build a rapport with them which could be beneficial in the long run. Jobs will often ask for references and professors make great references. Also they may be more lenient if a mistake happens if they know you.


Register For Classes Right Away

Classes fill up fast. Especially classes with great professors and required classes. The last thing you want is to be stuck with hard professor (not easily understood or just a harsh grader) or have to postpone graduation because you did not get into a class you needed. This can be harder if you are new because upperclassmen will have an earlier registration date. However, pay attention to payment deadlines. Students will be dropped from a class if they haven’t paid by that time, allowing you to quickly grab up the seat they had.


There are tons of tips and advice for students to help while in college, but knowing these ones will not only help you succeed in college, they will also help you succeed once you are done. These tips help you to build habits like: note taking skills, networking with important people, good work ethics, listening skills and more. You are paying for and spending time in college, so make the most of it and learn all that you can from your classes.


By Ashleigh Cue

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