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Study Tips Based on Your Learning Style

Everyone is different. We all have our own personalities. Nobody has the exact same personality as you. So why do we tend to think that everyone learns the same?


When people usually think of studying, they think of taking a textbook and reading it somewhere quiet (like a library). Many people think that a quiet place to study is ideal, because there are less distractions. But some people actually study better with noise going on in the background. The traditional study habits, quiet place to read, would not benefit this type of learner.


The real question is what type of learner are you. If you know that then you can tailor your study habits to improve your studying efficiency. There are three main learning styles: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. There are many learning style quizzes on the internet to help you determine which one you are.


The Learning Styles


Auditory LearningAuditory

If you are an auditory learner, you learn better by listening. You probably learn a lot when attending lectures. If you can record your lectures, then you can play them back when time comes to study for an exam or test. When studying from books read out loud or ask someone to read it to you. If you have someone to study with have them ask you questions out loud. They also tend to be able to study best when something is playing in the background (music, people or the tv).



Visual learners are people who learn best by seeing it. They prefer when professors write on the chalk boards and are probably avid note takers. Visual learners tend to do better in quiet study places away from audio distractions. Taking notes during class, writing down notes when reading textbooks, highlighting text in books and flipping through flashcards are great ways to study as a visual learner.



The kinesthetic/tactile learners are doers. They learn by doing things. They also can learn while moving around, taking breaks, or drawing. Hand writing notes, creating flashcards, acting out stories, or hand-on activities.



While there are three main learning styles, it does not mean that you are entirely one or the other. You may have a dominant learning style, but also have characteristics of the other two learning styles. The best online tests to take are ones that will show you what percentage you are in each learning style, like 25% Auditory, 40% Visual, 35% Tactile.


The most important thing to remember is that what works for one person might not work for you and vice versa. Based on your learning style strengths you should develop your own study habits.


By Ashleigh Cue

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