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Spending the Summer Abroad

Summer is usually the time to travel and explore the world. Many college students tend to do this by taking summer classes abroad or by volunteering abroad. In fact, over 300,000 students studied abroad in the 2014/2015 school year. About 1 in 10 undergraduate students study abroad before they graduate. It is a college experience that is truly invaluable.


So where do they go?


The top three destinations by regions is: Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, and Asia. The vast majority, 55%, of US students study abroad in Europe with Latin America and the Caribbean being the next top destination with 16%. Asia comes in third with 11% of the US study abroad students. The top countries to study abroad in is the UK, Italy and Spain. Other countries that attract US students is France, Germany, China, Ireland, Australia, Costa Rica and Japan.


How long do they usually stay?


The majority of people, about 63%, who decide to study abroad do so in the summer months and usually stay for a max of 8 weeks. 34% stay for about one semester and only 3% say for about one year. So summertime is the most popular time to go. This could be due to many universities offering summer semester classes abroad.


Volunteering abroad


If you want to spend your summer abroad, but don’t necessarily want do it for academic credit or as part of a class, you can always volunteer abroad. More than 22,000 US college students worked, interned or volunteered abroad in the 2014/2015 school year. The top three destinations were Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Volunteering abroad is a great way of giving back to the world, while gaining world experience. Not to mention it looks good on a resume!


Staying connected with family and friends back home


One of the hardest parts of going anywhere far away is dealing with the distance between you and your loved ones. There is always the modern methods of communication, such as email, text messages and phone calls, that will keep you connected, but it still can be hard. A great way to stay connected with your family is by sending souvenirs and trinkets from your abroad experience back home. eShipNOW, a personal shipping solution, can help you save money when shipping these items back home. Your friends and family can also send stuff to you while you are abroad, keeping you even more connected.


Summer is a time where amazing adventures and journeys take place. Don’t waste your summer’s sitting at home doing nothing. Go out explore the world, experience new cultures and make the most out of your summer and college life!


By Ashleigh Cue

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