Social Community for Advisors, College Students, International Students
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Social Community for International Student Advisors, International Students and College Students

When international students decide to live and study in the US, they often have questions. These questions can range from topics like acclimating to the US or how to apply for OPT. Coming to live in a foreign country is often filled with anxiety and uncertainty. After all, they are leaving their family, life and country behind to live in a different culture.


International student advisors are often the ones having to face these questions and guide international students on their journey. It is an important job and often a busy one. They plan orientation, on-campus events, workshops, advising and sometimes even recruiting of international students. In fact, they have a long list of jobs that they are responsible for and unfortunately, many international student services (ISS) departments are understaffed.


That is why it is important for ISS professionals to have resources for not only them, but for international students as well. UEMSConnect, an eShipGlobal initiative, is an online community where international students, advisors and other university staff or students can connect. Advisors will be able to communicate with other advisors around the country to learn and share tips about being an ISS professional. What better way to learn than from seasoned international student advisors.


Not only can they talk to each other via online chat, group boards and private messaging, they will also have access to resources that can help them in their career. Content such as videos, blogs and infographics are available about a variety of topics, including: international student recruitment, international student statistics/studies and services that could help ISS professionals in their field. These resources are designed to help alleviate their jobs or at least shed insight into current trends.


Advisors also have access to the calendar to post events they think would be relevant to potential or incoming international students. These events don’t just have to be on-campus either, you can set up an event for an outside webinar or schedule a group chat.


There are also resources for international students: blogs, infographics, videos and services. These resources are designed to help international students live and learn in the US. They cover topics such as acclimating to the US to a guide on applying for OPT. Not to mention it is also a great way for them to connect with advisors, students and organizations from the university they want to attend.


The more tools and resources advisors have at their disposal, the easier their jobs will be. If you are interested in being a contributing advisor to UEMSConnect we would be happy to hear from you! Check out our new community and see how it can benefit you.


By Ashleigh Cue

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