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Why Blogs are Important to Businesses

The use of content marketing has grown over the years. More and more business are finding that content is important to growing business and keeping customer attention. The method of using content to market a product, business or service is not new. In fact, Benjamin Franklin used published a journal to market his printing business. Other companies have used guidebooks, cookbooks or other printed material to promote their products.


Today, the use of printed content to promote a business is no longer necessary. There are many different ways in which businesses can market through content. Social media and the internet has made it easier to publish content that will reach the masses. Blogs are just one of those methods.


Blogs benefit businesses in many different ways. First, if the content is good, it will keep your customers returning to your site and interacting with your brand. Second, it can help your business with SEO.


Blogging helps to create backlinks and establishes your business as a subject-matter expert. When people search on Google, one of the determining factors that Google looks at when ranking websites is reliable and trustworthy content. They determine this by website traffic, the number of backlinks to credible sites and social shares.


Blog content also provides a way to add more keywords, photos and videos to your company’s website, which improves SEO and gives Google more content to look at.


By providing content through blogs, you have a platform to engage your customers while subtly promoting your brand and products. Most people do not like to be sold to. Blogs provide a way for your company to engage them and talk to them without openly pitching a product.


In short, whether your business is a new start up or a long standing one, blogs can help improve and grow your business. The most important thing to remember about content marketing is that quality is more important than quantity.


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By Ashleigh Cue

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