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Sep 9 2016 0

Awesome Online Tools for College Students

College students face many challenges or time consuming tasks throughout their semesters. While some tasks and challenges cannot be simplified, such as actually writing a paper, other tasks can. The Internet contains many great websites and tools for students to use. These sites/tools can either make tasks or a semester easier.

The first website can help make your college experience even better. It sucks to get into a class with a professor that is hard to reach, overly strict professor or is hard to understand. It can make a class extremely difficult and unpleasant. is a great resouce to help you find great professors. Students rate and grade professors from all over based on overall quality and difficulty. The reviews state what class the student took with said professor and what year. Many also have comments describing why they rated the professor a certain way. However, keep in mind that not all professors will be listed.

Papers are part of the college experience package. It is pretty much impossible to get through college without writing at least one paper. While there are no tools that can write your paper for you, at least none that don’t violate school rules, there is a tool that can help with citation. is a simple, easy-to-use citation generator. All you need to do is fill out all the information you can about your source, hit the button and it will cite it for you. The website will remember what you have cited for a short period of time, so you can keep citing and then copy all the citations over to the actual paper when you are done. will try to fill in all the fields if it recognizes the ISBN or website data. However, you will want to double check it got everything.



The last group of tools may be the most useful – Google Drive, Docs, Hangouts and Slides. These tools will help make your college life a lot easier. Having your documents online, where you can easily access them from anywhere is great. Docs, Hangouts and Slides are great for group assignments. You can chat with fellow classmates and collectively work on the same document or presentation at the same time. You can even work on your documents from your mobile device is necessary. In addition, you can save all the files to your computer as a docx or a pptx file. You can work on papers and presentations from any computer without needing to plug in and save to a flash drive. In addition, if your computer ever crashes and dies, you may not lose your important school projects.


More Time = Less Stress

Time is crucial for college students – especially if you are busy juggling a job, school and a social life. You have papers to write, presentations to give, books to read and projects to work on. While most of those can only be helped with great time management, these tools may save you some time and cut out some unnecessary stress. The less stress you have to deal with, the more you will enjoy this amazing time in your life. Good luck!




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By: Ashleigh Cue




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